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Garlic, cheese & bacon Bread $7 Cooked to your liking & served with
Garlic Bread $6 chips & salad or vegetables & your choice of sauce
Cheese Bread $6.5 Sirloin (gf) 200gm $22
Bruschetta $10.5 Scotch Fillet (gf) 250gm $25
Trio of Dips $12.5 Scotch Fillet (gf) 350gm $29.5
House made dips w. bread & side salad   Rib Eye (gf) 300gm $33.5
Arancini Balls $15/$23 Sauces:
House made sauteed & roasted vegetables w greek salad & tomato relish Red Wine Jus / Peppercorn / Mushroom /Garlic Butter / Gravy
Tofu Satay (v) (vegan) (gf optional) $15/$26
Tofu skewers w peanut sauce & salad   ($6 prawns & creamy garlic sauce)
Pan Fried Chilli Prawns (gf) $16/$28 (Additional Sauces $2)
w. steamed rice & garden salad  

Old favourites

Pan Fried Garlic Prawns (gf) $16/$28 All meals are served with Chips & Salad  unless otherwise specified
w. steamed rice & garden salad   Chicken  or Veal Schnitzel $22
Lemon Pepper Calamari  (gf available) $14/$27 Chicken or Veil Parmigiana $23
w. chilli lime mayo & salad   Topped with napoli sauce, ham and melted mozzarella cheese
Soup of the Day $9 Battered fish   $20
Ask our staff for the soup of the day   w. tartare sauce & lemon wedge


Chicken Kiev   $26.5
All kids meals include a free dessert w. Rice, salad & creamy garlic sauce  
Fish & Chips $9.5 Fisherman’s Platter $33
Chicken Parma and chips $9.5 Battered fish, calamari, grilled scallops & prawns
Cheese Burger and chips $9.5 Seafood or Chicken Paella (can be spiced up) $25
Chicken Nuggets & chips (gf available) $9.5 Spaghetti Bolognese $18
Spaghetti Bolognese $9.5 Spaghetti Carbonara $21
Bangers and chips $9.5 House Made Rissoles $19
Mini Frankfurts & chips $9.5 Caesar Salad   $17
Add salad or vegetables $1.5 Add Chicken   $22

Side dishes

Gluten free option available
Side of Garden Salad $2.5 Grilled Salmon   $27.5
Side of Chips (gf) $3.5 w. citrus chilli butter
Side of Wedges $4


Side of Seasonal Vegetables (gf) $3.5 Spinach & Ricotta Lasagna $18
Side of Mash (gf) $3 Ricotta & Spinach Dumplings $18
served on napoli or creamy garlic sauce  


Cauliflower Steak
(Tumeric & paprica coated, with steamed rice mushroom & nut green salad)
Available Monday to Friday (no public holidays)
Battered Fish $15
Chicken Parmigiana $15


Lambs Fry (with bacon, mash & gravy) $15
Spaghetti Bolognese $15 Coconut Crème Brulee (gf available) $9
Bangers and Mash (g) (with onion, peas & gravy) $15 House made cold set custard with toffee glaze & biscotti biscuit
Housemade Rissoles $15 Chocolate Pudding (gf available) $9
Arancini Balls with salad $15 House made and served with vanilla ice-cream  
Porterhouse Steak 200gm $15 Sticky Date Pudding (gf available) $9
w. chips & salad or vegetables & your choice of sauce   House made and served with vanilla ice-cream  



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